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AHF Communications is a vendor neutral consulting firm specializing in telecommunications planning and services. Our mission is to partner with customers to provide professional assistance and recommendations for management decisions regarding telecommunications needs and requirements.  

We can help:

  • Plan for and deploy VoIP, IP Telephony, and enhanced technologies.
  • Ensure technology decisions are forward thinking and align to business goals.
  • Reduce and manage carrier costs (local, long distance, network, Internet, cellular).
  • Develop technology plans (telecom, network, and cabling):
    • Long-term strategic plans.
    • Capital and operational budgeting.
    • Policies and procedures.
    • Disaster and business recovery.
  • Develop enterprise mobility plans and policies.
  • Negotiate with carriers and equipment vendors.
  • Develop and manage Request for Proposals.
  • Project manage small to large-scale projects.
  • Train staff to audit and manage telecom expenses.  
Strong Passion
We have a strong passion to help our clients!
  Team Experience
We have over 150 years of combined experience in planning, managing, budgeting, and purchasing technology.
  Industry Relationships
With so many years in the industry, we know the people you need at the exact time you need them. Our relationships extend the USA
  Vendor Neutral
Our advice is independent of any equipment provider or carrier.


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