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About Us

AHF Can Help You

  • Develop your roadmaps for the future.
  • Reduce your telecom carrier expenses.
  • Conduct your readiness assessments.
  • Manage your cell/mobile devices & phones.
  • Reduce your equipment maintenance.
  • Negotiate your service contracts.
  • Develop/manage your request for proposals
  • Train your Telecom and IT staff.

AHF Communications, LLC provides over 160 years of combined experience in Information Technology and Telecommunications planning, managing, budgeting, and purchases.

We provide facts on the advantages and disadvantages of solutions, providing justifications for capital and operational expenses for such solutions.

AHF is independent of any telecom equipment provider or carrier. We have strong passion to help our clients with our gifts and talents.

AHF is focused on People, Processes, Technology and Training.


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