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Our Process

  • Evaluate and Document Telecom Services, Systems, and Contracts.*
  • Evaluate and Document Cabling, Network, Telephony, and Wireless Infrastructure.
  • Assess utilization/traffic studies
  • Review Policies, Processes, and Procedures.
  • Prepare Request for Information (RFI)
  • Facilitate Vendor Presentation of  Possible Solutions.
  • Present Assessment Findings & Review Results.
  • Determine Strategic Options: Goals & Objectives for 1yr, 2 yr - 5 yr plan
  • DevelopTechnology Strategic/Tactical Plan.
  • Develop Mobile device plan
  • Create Mobile device policy
  • Develop Cabling Plan.
  • Refine Policies, Processes, and Procedures.
  • Develop Request for Proposal (RFP) 
  • Manage RFP Process.
  • Evaluate RFP Responses
  •  Create Vendor Decision Matrix.
  • Determine Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Finalize Agreement.
  • Develop Implementation Plan for Recommended Solutions.
  • Project Manage the Overall Project and Implementation.
  • Complete Project.
  • Present Deliverables.
  • Discuss Future Opportunities.
  • Provide on-going managed services to maintain quality facilities and services.
  • Manage long-term strategic plan.
  • Develop Training
  • Train


* Telecom Services and Systems include: Local Telephone, Long Distance, Television, Data, Internet, Cell/mobile Phones, Voicemail, CCTV, 911, Emergency Call, Nurse Call, Security, Wireless.

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